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Our toppings will take you on a journey to a destination filled with...​

Fresh, vibrant, organic FRUIT - sourced from local farmers. 

Drippy homemade PEANUT BUTTER that will make you question what you have been putting on PB&Js your entire life. 

Warm, silky CHOCOLATE SAUCE - and it's dairy-free (you would never know from the taste, it's that creamy).

CRUNCHY EXTRAS that energize you and make your gut-microbes *oh-so-happy!*

DIG IN.png
DIG IN.png
Above The Mitten.png
DIG IN.png

CALORIES: 400 kcal

FAT: 12 g CARBS: 66 g

PROTEIN: 10 g FIBER: 10 g


Our secret is out. This topping combo reveals everything. 

We’ve got a secret…Michigan’s Upper Penninsula is the BEST place on the entire planet.


There. We said it.


Those Lower Penninsula Michiganders or “trolls” (since *ya know* they live under the bridge) are missing out on the best part of Michigan – Above the Mitten.


The secret that makes Above the Mitten the best? How fresh, energizing, and revitalizing it is.


Clean air, crisp clear skies, and abundant forests bring you closer to nature and the most centered version of yourself.  


So naturally, we paired our most fresh, energizing, and revitalizing ingredients for our Above the Mitten bowl. 


We source the plumpest blueberries from local farms and sprinkle them across your bowl base with freshly chopped strawberries. Toasted granola and raw hemp seeds add a hearty crunch. A drizzle of pure MI maple syrup adds a woodsy sweetness and makes you feel like you are Above the Mitten.


CALORIES: 448 kcal

FAT: 12 g CARBS: 91.4 g 

PROTEIN: 7 g FIBER: 14 g


Calling all wanderers...

Have you ever slept in a hammock on the beach? We have. It was epic. 


We rocked gently between palm trees and were soothed by the rhythm of crashing waves. The last thing we saw before drifting off was a clear sky full of stars. 

The zest and energy we get from traveling and experiencing new things makes us feel alive. 

If you are like us, you have a travel itch that cannot be satisfied. The urge to travel isn't a want, it's a need. 

Inspired by our favorite warm weather 

adventures, we put together our most exotic, tropical, and tangy toppings. 


Juicy pineapple chunks are mixed with vibrant kiwi and nestled into a banana arch. Toasted granola and chia seeds bring that satisfying crunch, while sprinkled coconut flakes and a drizzle of honey balance out the sweetness.

Bucket List.png
THE BUCKET LIST heading.png

CALORIES: 555 kcal

FAT: 31 g CARBS: 77 g

PROTEIN: 14 g FIBER 17 g


You're going to want to check this one off your list ASAP.

Who knew life could be SO. DANG. GOOD.


When you were little, you would dream of your future...huge house, fancy cars, exotic vacations.


As you grow you realize life’s happiest things are much simpler...sunshine, laughter, clean folded laundry, holding hands on a walk, the perfect sweet–saltiness of peanut butter and chocolate.


We combined our most indulgent, savory, and satisfying toppings. This created The Bucket List with the knowledge that life’s sweetest, simplest moments fill you up the most.


Drizzles of our homemade peanut butter and warm chocolate sauce coat thin banana slices and chopped strawberries. A sprinkle of cacao nibs and coconut flakes add a crunchy extravagance that makes checking “try an açaí bowl from Voyage Bowls” off your bucket list incredibly satisfying.

UNSALTED heading.png

CALORIES: 478 kcal

FAT: 216 g CARBS: 70 g

PROTEIN: 13 g FIBER: 15 g


Rubbing salt in the wound hurts! Don't do it. Be Kind. 

The longest annual freshwater race started in 1898. Our brother, Mike, joined a crew of nine and sailed the 289 nautical miles from Chicago to Mackinaw Island in 58 hours. 

A lot of people don't realize the Great Lakes can be as powerful and deadly as the sea. In years past, sailors have lost their lives on this voyage. 

Mike was part of a fabulous crew with sailors who had up to 30 years of experience. Throughout his rotating four-hour shifts, he learned so much about sailing. He learned even more about teamwork and the value of having each other's back. 

They kept each other safe and in good spirits on this adventure of a lifetime. 


Inspired by Mike's adventure and in honor of the power of our great, unsalted lakes we created our unsalted toppings combination.  


Drizzles of our homemade peanut butter coat thin banana slices and locally grown blueberries. A sprinkle of cacao nibs and toasted granola add a crunchy extravagance. There is no salt in this bowl - not even in our homemade peanut butter.

ALOHA heading.png

CALORIES: 440 kcal

FAT: 14.5 g CARBS: 73 g 



island time rush hour
Slow down and enjoy life with us.

You probably know Aloha as a Hawaiian greeting, but for us, it means so much more.


There is a unique spot on The Big Island where resorts have lights on the ocean floor. The magical way the light shines through the water feels otherworldly.


Even more magical - this light attracts manta ray…and you can swim with them.


These gentle giants drift and play in the light, coming within inches of you. You are overcome with peace, compassion, and respect for nature. That is the deeper meaning of Aloha. 


We harness that energy that is so much deeper than a greeting and channel it into our juiciest, freshest, most exotic toppings


Drizzles of local honey add extra sweetness to chopped strawberries, ripe mango, and juicy pineapple. A sprinkle of hemp seeds and toasted granola add a hearty crunch. We finish it off with coconut flakes to channel the Aloha spirit.

Salty Soul.png
SALTY SOUL heading.png

CALORIES: 480 kcal

FAT: 18 g CARBS: 73 g 

PROTEIN: 10.5 g FIBER: 10.5 g


You're gonna be salty if you don't try this...

An ode to the inspiration that started our açaí food truck adventures. 

We were parched after swimming in the clearest, bluest, saltiest water we have ever experienced. After drying off, we felt sticky from the residual salt. 

In search of a snack, we found a Croatian woman juicing fresh fruit. The fruit pulp attracted a swarm of at least 50 bees, but she wasn't bothered. Happily, she served juice from her beach hut while the bees buzzed about. 

It was the most delicious, freshest juice we have ever tasted. 

We will never forget that day - how fresh and flavorful the juice was and how salty we were. 

Inspired, we started our own food truck and created our boldest, brightest, and most balanced topping combination. 


Thinly sliced banana arches around locally grown blueberries and toasted granola. The perfect sauce trio of pure Michigan maple syrup,  homemade peanut butter, and warm chocolate's straight out of a sauce fanatics' dream. A sprinkle of sea salt takes this topping combo over the top and elevates all flavors.


This place has the MOST amazing açaí bowls and coffee. The staff is extremely friendly and it’s a great place to bring the family. 10/10!!

-Macie Kosch

Delicious bowls and great, friendly service! Could not recommend more highly!!!

- Michael Christensen

Best smoothie bowls around! Can’t go a week without visiting them in the summer. Love the bucket list and all the workers who are always so sweet!

- Maize Converse

I was blown away by how delicious and refreshing these tasty bowls are...made me feel fantastic and energized afterwards, not sluggish and bloated like ice cream...

- Marnie Ware

Seriously best smoothie bowls! The truck is absolutely adorable and the employees are AWESOME! Plus the bowls are amazing!

- Olivia Striegle

This place was the perfect stop on my families walk around Grand Haven! My açaí bowl was amazing and the staff was super sweet. I will definitely be going back next time I am in Michigan!

- Madi Hines

So fresh, full to the brim & tons of combinations

- Sydney Kearns

The atmosphere and the workers who are here, is so sweet and caring! their smoothie bowls are to die for and they leave you wanting more. Julia was so grateful in helping me choose a bowl and I will be going back soon!

-Margaret Vieaux

I absolutely love their Voyage Bowls. Super flavorful and tasty! The employees were super friendly and helpful as well. I will definitely be back! 10/10!

-Bobbie Giant

Voyage has the most delicious menu! I crave a voyage bowl everyday especially one with their freshly made açaí 🤤 Highly recommend, worth the money!

-Grace Rieger

Thank you for the awesome experience! The food and service was great! Be sure to stop by and give their “Bucket List” bowl a try!

-Elise Hunter

These açaí bowls are amazing!!! The staff is so friendly! I cannot wait to go back :)

-Jillian Gable

SERIOUSLY SO GOOD! everyone is so nice and the açaí bowls are great. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES<3

-Julianna Stump

The açaí bowls are so yummy!! Also such a cute place to stop by during the summer on a hot day!

-Mariana Searl

The go-to spot for awesome açaí bowls that are delicious and filling, as well as very helpful and friendly employees!

-Caden Striegle

These bowl are so healthy and delicious at the same time! This is a must if you are in the area!

-Colleen Hoffer

Great quality bowls and awesome service! Best staff in town :)

-Stacy Rieger

Excellent experience. The bowl was so yummy and I loved the coffee!!!

-Renee Denslow

The best experience is when you get done skating all day right across from voyage and you get to see the amazing employees that hand you a smoothie bowl that will knock your socks off!

-Quinn Rieger

The bowls were really unique, had a lot of flavor and they were super filling!

-Paji Johnson

Such a fun place and great addition to Grand Haven - so glad this is in my town!

-Linda Chittenden

Wonderful product that is fun to eat but feel subconsciously healthy eating it. Staff is the best!

-Tommy Clover

Awesome place with the best smoothie bowls!!

-Ayana Collins-Briseno

Yummy yummy açaí bowls! Great employees, if you haven’t yet GO TRY IT OUT!

-Cece Lindeman

The “Salty Soul” bowl is my new favorite! Definitely worth every penny. With fresh fruit and ingredients that actually fill you up, it’s a great healthy option to help you cool down in the summer heat or to take as a snack on the boat!

-Ashlyn Hall

Delicious! Loved the Salty Soul and the staff was super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend checking it out! 🙂

-Alicia Simon

Fantastic bowls and even better staff!

-Jake Thayer

Fuel for summer time fun!


-G Slocum

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