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Wooden Board
Wooden Board

A recent poll found that we have the most energy at
age 31. 

Skeptical? We are too. 


If you are under 31 you might be thinking

I am already drinking an entire pot of coffee every day by myself...can my heart take more caffeine??

If you are 31 or over you might be thinking

*Choice expletive* my energy levels are all downhill from here.

Either way, we've got the caffeine you need to supplement your energy levels

so you can keep on keepin' on.

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I love these bowls, lattes, lemonade, etc. There is nothing bad coming out of the window at Voyage Bowls! Everything is absolute PERFECTION! Seriously the presentation and care they put into each bowl is above and beyond. The fresh and healthy ingredients meld together in absolute deliciousness. It takes me back to Oahu in the very first bite. Eating this only seems sinful because of how good it is, but I feel more energized and good about myself after indulging. 

-Karen Wood

Voyage Bowls are amazing! I always feel more energized and fulfilled after having one. The bowls are piled high with fruit and incredible sauces like chocolate and peanut butter. l The workers are always very kind and professional. I’m a Grand Haven local who has lived here my whole life. Voyage is one place I always consider when I’m looking to eat locally and healthy.

-Julian Smith

OMG! So delightful! I thought I was floating on clouds after I tried the wanderlust smoothie. It’s a must have! It was so refreshing and spirit-lifting. They made it quickly with fresh ingredients and smiles on their faces. I felt like I had been transported to the tropics.

-Dave Johns

When I am picking up my kids from YMCA camp and need a little extra energy to entertain them for the rest of the day, I love grabbing an iced latte from Voyage Bowls. It is so conveniently located and super delicious! 

-Sarah Harrie

While on my way to study at Loutit Library, I love to grab a coffee and bowl from Voyage Bowls. It gives me the energy and motivation I need to get through my study sessions. 

-Hannah Kenny

latte names_edited.png

**Sixth Spice Girl energy**

It's our favorite spice...cinnamon!

Think about it, everything scrumptious has cinnamon in it...

Cinnamon rolls, buttered-toasted with cinnamon sugar, cinnamon sugar donuts, cinnamon-spiced apple pie, etc etc. 

So it's decided. Cinnamon is the BEST spice. It also makes the BEST latte. 

Drinking this latte feels like opening presents on Christmas morning while eating a cinnamon roll and drinking coffee. 

We sprinkle cinnamon into our coffee grounds and then mix the brew with vanilla simple syrup and steamed milk. 

To top it all off, we dust the froth with freshly-ground cinnamon.


When you bring the cup up to your nose to take your first sip, you are overwhelmed with the scent of cinnamon. 

It's warm and cozy and just a little bit spicy.

So if you like *all of that,* we're confident you will love our Sri Lanka latte. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that most of the world's cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka? In 2020 Sri Lanka exported $206 million worth of cinnamon.


  • vanilla bean simple syrup

  • ground cinnamon

lavendar coffee_edited.png

Winnie the Pooh's 2nd fav drink (his 1st is straight honey, of course!)

What's better than peanut butter and chocolate? While, in our honest option, nothing...

BUT Winnie the Pooh would argue that honey and lavender are the world's tastiest sweet duo

We love that silly, hungry, sleepy bear. So we made this perfectly sweet and floral latte that Winnie the Pooh would happily slurp (while eating his pot of honey).

Sleepy bears and tried humans alike feel calm yet energized after drinking our Sleeping Bear Dunes latte. 


  • lavender simple syrup

  • local MI honey

latte foam art_edited.png
latte names_edited.png

"YOOP! Der It Is! eh?"
-people who live in da UP

Have you ever heard a true "Yooper" speak? You might think you are talking to a Canadian...

They are all like "Hey-derr, how yahh doin'? eh!"

It's actually pretty heartwarming and comforting. The Yoopers are always checking in with you.


That's because just like the Canadian's, Yoopers *basically* live in the tundra for half of the year. They have to stick together and care for each other to survive in such an extreme environment. 

In the spirit of "sticking" together and being warm and friendly, we created the Yooper latte.


Warming nutmeg, sticky maple syrup, and a sweet vanilla bean simple syrup come together in a latte good enough for the coldest day of winter. 


Our Yooper friends tried it and they said - 

"YAHH, dat der is great! eh?"


  • vanilla bean simple syrup

  • pure MI maple syrup

  • ground nutmeg

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