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Meet Christyna and Dustin, owners of Voyage Bowls! 

Christyna grew up in Grand Haven, MI and spent part of her childhood in Traverse City.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from Grand Valley State University and has traveled around in the world in pursuit of new cultures and exotic experiences. Her travels have brought her to Croatia, China, Mexico, Iceland, and France!  Along with adding new stamps to her passport, she has been all over the U.S and still has an endless list of destinations to experience.  From a young age, Christyna has been passionate about physiology, particularly through the effects of fitness and self-care.  She is an avid runner and athlete, as well as, an advocate for clean-eating meaning a focus on obtaining nutrients from fresh & natural ingredients free of additives or preservatives.  

Dustin grew up on the east side of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a small resort location known as the Les Cheneaux Islands.  He attended Grand Valley State University where he obtained a bachelor’s of arts degree in Theatre.  After a short time in Chicago, Dustin decided to forego theatre to pursue his passion for music where he is now a songwriter, composer and performer for the band Van Mason. Dustin has been an athlete and thrill-seeker throughout his life and shares Christyna’s passion for an active lifestyle and healthy habits.

Christyna and Dustin created Voyage Bowls at a time when both were looking for a change from their current paths.  Christyna had been in hospitality for over 10 years and Dustin had been in the insurance industry for nearly a decade.  Both had been introduced to different health and wellness opportunities over the last several years but couldn't to find a path that fit their unique vision.  So they decided to make their own and the result was Voyage Bowls.

Our mission is to create a premium product that is delicious, nutritional, and FUN!  We want to help build a community centered on making the most out of life through nutrition, motivation, and new experiences! Our motto is “Fuel your journey...”  We know that a purposeful life means more than taking care of yourself through your diet.  It requires taking care of your physical, mental, and spiritual self as well! 


Join us in our pursuit of wellness and discovery as we explore the unique journey of our vision and desire to make a positive lasting effect through Voyage Bowls 



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